Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Why People Should Read ?

In the past years the use of the television and the internet has increased; this situation has caused many people to change their likes and the way that they enjoy their free time.  Because of television and the internet, many people spend less time reading, so the purpose for this essay is to present reasons why people should read just for pleasure.  The reasons that I give you are quite simple: to improve your knowledge, to expand your general culture, to have more fun, to make your imagination fly, to find new ways to express your ideas, and finally to expand your vocabulary.

The first reason that I give you to enjoy reading is that when you read, you can expand your knowledge and also your culture. There are a lot of good books in which you can find history, novels, tragedies, comedies and a variety of other themes. You can see that people who read more often frequently have a bigger knowledge of life and also a bigger perspective of their environment.  I think that fact gives them an advantage over all others who do not read frequently.

The second reason to read more often is that through books you can have fun and even travel in your imagination.  Children have not yet lost the ability of getting into their dreams, and because of this, in their first years the parents read a lot of tales in which they use their imagination. Adults should try to keep this ability, so we do not forget the importance of the use of the imagination. The imagination also represents a tool that could help you to develop your professional career in a creative way.

Finally, the third and the most important feature that reading offers you are that it does not matter the age that you have, you always could expand your vocabulary and the ways to express your ideas to the others in a simple and correct form. By the time you can improve the kind of books that you read, there are a lot of categories, so you will never stop learning from the pleasure of reading. People who know how to choose a book generally have the capability of choosing a formal book in which they can find formal grammatical structures and obviously a formal vocabulary.  All these things allow them to gain greater fluency in their communication.

In conclusion, I recommend that you enjoy reading more often. There are excellent reasons for doing it; you just have to want to expand your knowledge and your culture, to improve your imagination and also your vocabulary. I know that we should evolve with the technology; that is, it is good to know how to navigate in the internet, but we must also not forget the books. Try to choose good books at the beginning, and then I ensure you that you never will stop reading.

* Based on Personal Experience

* Photo : Google India

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