Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Persuasive Manager

The Persuasive Manager argues compellingly that strategic communication lies at the core of business leadership, and helps organizations run smoothly and effectively. What is persuasion, and how should managers balance their ability to persuade and exercise authority without becoming authoritarian? If credibility and mutual goodwill are to be established, then the need to inspire loyalty and build interpersonal relationships becomes an essential managerial strategy. The book explores the role of persuasion at different levels of the corporate hierarchy how does a manager convince her subordinates to initiate change? How can peers, or customers and suppliers, be won over and their opinions influenced? Persuading bosses is a particularly tricky business, so how does one use the perfect mix of tact, reasoning, discussion, and ingratiation? With its wealth of real-world illustrations, scenarios, and tips, The Persuasive Manager is the perfect communications roadmap for all managers.

The IIM Ahmedabad Business Books bring key issues in management and business to a general audience. With a wealth of information and illustrations from contemporary Indian businesses, these non-academic and user-friendly books from the faculty of IIM Ahmedabad are essential corporate reading. 

M.M. Monippally is a Professor of communications at IIM Ahmedabad. A specialist in strategies of managerial communication, persuasion, and bad news delivery, he has designed and run training worksops for middle and senior managers at Morgan Stanley, Reuters India, ICICI Bank, MICO Bosch, Global Trust Bank, and many other organizations.

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